ALSA International

Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) is a non-profit, non-political organization that aims to connect law students from the corners of Asia. As an organization that includes 16 national chapters, the organization has connected 14,000 law students and alumni located in 16 countries all over the Asian Region.

ALSA Today

By understanding the needs of law students to grow and develop, both in terms of social networking and academic advancement, ALSA has, thus far, consistently held annual academic programs such as:

ALSA International Video Conference

ALSA Forum

ALSA Conference

ALSA International Legal Training Workshop

Asian Law Students' Association

Law Review

ALSA International Mediation Competition (AIMC)

ALSA International Moot Court Competition (AIMCC)

Student Trainee Exchange Program (STEP)

ALSA’s success is evident in the positive reactions towards its inception and the activities it organised. It has expanded from being composed of 9 Asian countries to 16 Asian countries. To date ALSA has grown to consist over 14,000 law students across Asia.

The National Chapters