Established in 2012, the ALSA UM, also known as Asian Law Students Association of University of Malaya strives to connect law students from the corners of Asia.

The aspirations and missions of ALSA UM are threefold. First, to assist faculty member in understanding and appreciating the diversity while sharing the ideals of law in society through exchange and communication among Asian law students. Second, to motivate law students to develop a creative spirit through a network of joint activities among Asian law students. Third, to encourage the enhancement of the capabilities Asian Law students so as to become internationally minded, socially responsible, academically committed and legally skilled.

Serves as a platform of cross-cultural exchange, ALSA UM aims to foster stronger relationships across borders and to produce unexpected sparks in all aspects of life. Being present, connecting with transparency, dignity and respect, ALSA UM undertakes to persevere our very best in all we do. We, are performance driven, through the lens of humanity. We, are ready to show you, beyond all that you could imagine.



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  • Student Exchange Programme (“Inbound”)
  • Cultural Night & Culture Sharing Session with delegates
  • [LEX COLLOQUIUM] Reproductive Rights of Women: A Reality 
  • Legal Debate Demonstration (In collaboration with UMLaw Society) 
  • Client Consultation Workshop (In collaboration with UM Legal Aid Clinic) 
  • Lex Code#1:Web Scraping (In collaboration with UM JusTech)
  • Sports Day
  • Student Exchange Programme (“Outbound” to Chong Qing, China) (November 2019)
  • ALSA UM Symposium (Annual event)
  • International Student Conference (Annual event)
  • ALSA UNAIR & UNHAS Educational Visit (July 2019)
  • ALSA National Conference (Feb 2018)
  • Student Trainee Exchange Program (STEP)(In collaboration with ALSA Taiwan)(May 2018)


  • Coffee with ALSA (2020)
  • ALSA International Video Conference(April 2020)
  • Sharing Session about Student Exchange Programme (2020)
  • ALSA Legal Podcast (October 2020)
  • Student Exchange Programme (“Inbound”) (October 2020)
  • Student Exchange Programme (“Outbound” to Indonesia and China) (November 2020)

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