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Gavelcast is an initiative done by the ALSA Malaysia group in collaboration with the Local Chapters of ALSA which is aimed to increase the awareness of the listeners to everyday questions particularly relating to the legal field which involves the practitioners and even students


Episode 1
Law School And Depression: Reality Or Myths?

Gavelcast Episode 1 is brought to you by ALSA Malaysia in collaboration with ALSA UKM. In this episode, we dive into this stigma and try to understand a little bit of what really is the issue revolving around it, by altering how we perceive the reality of depression and law school. It’s the stigma that makes it so hard to see an end to depression, as they limit our perspective of things. Once we manage to understand the pattern to this issue, the emotional arousal they cause tends to affect us or anyone physically.

Episode 2
The Practice And Benefits Of Mindfulness

Gavelcast Episode 2 is brought to you by ALSA Malaysia in collaboration with ALSA UKM. In this episode, we look into the practice and benefits of being mindful not only to ourselves but also to our surroundings. There are various of ways a person can practice mindfulness and it should be part of our life as an individual in this world. If we lend a hand to another person, it can do a lot of benefits not only to us but also to that person and in the end, nobody will be alone. 


the role of faculty administration to enhance students wellbeing

Episode 3
The Practice And Benefits Of Mindfulness

We are back at it again with a new episode on Gavelcast! Today’s episode features discussion on the role of faculty administration in enhancing students’ well being.


legal podcast

Episode 4
Legally Drained: Let's Talk About Health

We are back at it again with a new episode on Gavelcast! Today’s episode is aptly titled, ” Legally Drained: Let’s Talk About Health” which discusses about the mental and physical health of law students!

legal podcast

Episode 5
The Infamous Truth Of Alternative Dispute Resolution As Compared To Common Court Trials

In this episode, we’ve invited a speaker from the Asian International Arbitration Centre to unravel the truth on alternate dispute resolution as opposed to common court trials.

Episode 6
The Importance Of Having A Legal Company To Help Cultivate The Togetherness In The Legal Field

We get in touch with the founder of e-Lawyer which is known to be one of the prominent company in the legal field. The discussion here is pertaining to how it is important for us to cultivate the spirit of togetherness in the legal field as it is not only beneficial for the legal practitioners, but also the society as a whole. 

Episode 7
The Construction and Commercial Disputes’: Highs and Lows

We are breaking the long silence with Episode 7 on Gavelcast! Check it out and get into the area of construction and commercial disputes together with Rosli Dahlan Saravana Partnership (RDS).

Episode 8(Special Edition)
Sexual Harassment: What You Need to Know

Together with AWAM Malaysia and the former officers from ALSA Malaysia’s Academic Activities Department, Episode 8 of the Gavelcast brings you an urgent and important discussion on the topic of “Sexual Harassment: What You Need To Know”.

Episode 9
Data Privacy: Is it still relevant or impossible?

We have been eagerly waiting to inform you that we are all set for Episode 9 on Gavelcast!

Don’t forget to check out this episode as we, together with ALSA UUM and Shearn Delamore & Co., will be giving you an insight on the relevance of data privacy in the current era.

Episode 10
Why is protecting privacy a losing game today?

Previously in Episode 9 of Gavelcast, we discussed about the relevancy of data privacy in the current era! In Episode 10 of Gavelcast we will discuss about data privacy in depth.

Want to know why protecting privacy is a losing game today?

Episode 11
Is the future really all cyberspace and non-physical?

Cyberspace has become a dimension that plays a huge role in our lives. Do you think the future is really all cyberspace and non-physical? Together with The IO Foundation, we will be giving you the answers to your questions in Episode 11 of Gavelcast.

Episode 12
Cyberspace, is it meant to assist us or to dictate us?

Previously on Episode 11 of Gavelcast, we discussed if the future is going to be all cyberspace and non-physical. But have you ever wondered if the cyberspace is meant to assist us or dictate us? We will be give you more insights on this issue in Episode 12 of Gavelcast, alongside The IO Foundation.

Episode 13
How a law practitioner’s ethics can affect its surroundings?

Previously on Episode 12 of Gavelcast, we discussed if the cyberspace is meant to assist us or dictate us? We hope that was an insightful podcast.

Today, we part from that topic to discuss how a law practitioners ethics effects its surroundings on Episode 13 of Gavelcast.

Episode 14
Legal practitioners survival guide to the pandemic

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia and ALSA INTI!

Catch us on the 14th Episode of the Gavelcast where we discuss on the Legal Practitioners Survival Guide To The Pandemic.

Episode 15
What proactive measures should be taken to prepare the future practitioners?

To prepare the future practitioners, we’ll need to take proactive measures to ensure that these practitioners are ready and competent. But what exactly are these said proactive measures ?

Stay tuned for Episode 15 of Gavelcast. We are pleased to collaborate with Raja, Daryl and Loh advocates and solicitors.

Episode 16
Domestic violence awareness (advocacy initiative)

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Together with ALSA USIM, the sixteenth episode of our Gavelcast will highlight a special topic on “Domestic Violence Awareness” as a part of our advocacy initiative.

Series 5 - Episode 17
The journey of a human rights lawyer in Malaysia

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Have you ever wondered how’s your life going to be after law school ? Together with ALSSCO, we are proud to present our 5th Series of Gavelcast. In Episode 17, we will be discussing about the journey of a human rights lawyer in Malaysia.

Series 5 Episode 18
Alternative career paths after a law degree

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Together with ALSA ATC, we are presenting to you Episode 18 of Gavelcast. In this episode, we will talk about alternative careers paths after a law degree. This episode aims to prepare you for the future.

Series 5 Episode 19
Is CLP a good choice?

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia 🇲🇾

Is CLP a good choice? This might be one of the hundred questions that runs through your mind. Join us on our 19th Episode of Gavelcast where we will thoroughly discuss about this and provide answers to your questions.

Series 5 Episode 20
Future education on future aspects as a lawyer

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Together with Jamie Wong Advocates & Solicitors, we are presenting to you Episode 20 of Gavelcast where we will be discussing about the future education on future aspects as a lawyer.

Series 5 Episode 21
Working in Law: Private Practice or In-House Counsel?

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Are you interested in private practice or In-House Counsel or Private Practice ? Not sure which will suit you better ? Fret not! We are glad to present to you Episode 21, Series 5 of Gavelcast together with Yap Siew Yee & Co to give you more insight into this.

Series 5 Episode 22
Life as a corporate lawyer: All you need to know

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Is your dream to become a corporate lawyer ? Ever thought how life as a corporate lawyer is ? Join us, ALSA and Zaid Ibrahim & Co, in Episode 22 of Gavelcast because we are going to provide you with all the information that you need to know.

Series 6 Episode 23
Male Rape Victims: The Forgotten Victims

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Gavelcast has now entered into the Sixth Series for this year’s installment. This new series of the Gavelcast will bring you the discussions pertaining to the loopholes in the law.

Featuring Messrs. @azi_azlin and @alsauitm , catch the latest episode of the legal podcast, where will be discussing on the topic of Male Rape Victims: The Forgotten Victims.

Series 6 Episode 24
Protection of whistleblower

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

We refer to the action of a worker passing on information concerning a wrongdoing that they have witnessed at work as “blowing the whistle” or better known as whistleblowing.

However, some do not dare to complain fearing that they may be penalised by their employer or dismissed from their job for disclosing information. This is where the protection of whistleblower plays a role.

Series 6 Episode 25
Protection and regulation of online business

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

COVID-19 has led to a surge in e-commerce with businesses and consumers increasingly going online. But what exactly is required by the law? Can I just simply open an Instagram business account and start selling? What businesses require registration? What happens if I don’t register? What’s the point of registration?

Episode 25 of Gavelcast Series Six is going to be all about protection and regulation of online business. Together with Viknesh & Yap, Advocates & Solicitors and @alsa_bac , we’ll be attempting to answer those questions.

Series 6 Episode 26
“Legal Evil” Examining Stalking in Malaysia

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Stalking can be deadly. Many experience stalking and, far too often, the victims are either harmed or killed by their stalkers. Despite its prevalence, stalking still isn’t recognised as a crime in Malaysia.

We are excited to collaborate with Speak Up and ALSA UM for Series 6, Episode 26 of Gavelcast entitled “Legal Evil” Examining Stalking in Malaysia.

Series 6 Episode 27
"Protection of Women and Children Against Domestic Violence During Covid-19"

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

With the rising number of reported cases of domestic violence during covid-19, its a high time for us to stay vigilant and create as many awareness we can to protect those who are deeply affected. Although staying at home with family may be a bless for most, but for some it may not.

This time, we’re collaborating with @womensaidorg and @alsa_iium for Series 6, Episode 27 of Gavelcast entitled “Protection of Women and Children Against Domestic Violence During Covid-19”.

Series 6 Episode 28
Sexual Harassment: Technically Not a Crime In Malaysia

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Sexual harassment, being neither a compliment nor a joke, is a crime and it should always be treated as such. While more and more intense campaigns have arisen to urge the victims of sexual harassment to stand up and speak out about what they have endured, do you really understand the law about sexual harassment in Malaysia?

This time, we’re collaborating with All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) and ALSA UKM for Series 6, Episode 28 of Gavelcast entitled “Sexual Harassment: Technically Not a Crime In Malaysia”.

Series 7 Episode 29
How to Eliminate Gender Bias

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Biasness is prevalent in every aspect of out lives, this includes gender bias happening around us. Gender bias is the tendency to prefer one gender over another. It is a form of unconscious bias, occurs when one individual unconsciously attributes certain attitudes and stereotypes to another person or group of people. In today’s society, gender bias is often used to refer to the preferential treatment men receive. It’s often labeled as “sexism” and describes the prejudice against women solely on the basis of their sex.

Collaborating with Monash University for Series 7, Episode 29 of Gavelcast entitled “How to Eliminate Gender Bias”.

Series 7 Episode 30
What is Female Genital Mutilation

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia.The practice is mostly carried out by traditional circumcisers, who often play other central roles in communities, such as attending childbirths. FGM is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. It reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes, and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women.

Collaborating with Messrs Azira Aziz for Series 7, Episode 30 of Gavelcast entitled “What is Female Genital Mutilation”.

Series 7 Episode 31
Discrimination Against Men in Custody Battles

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Many parents feel discriminated against by the court system during a child custody case. It is common for fathers, particularly of young children, to believe they are not receiving equal consideration by the court system.Unfortunately, the stereotype that a mother has a superior ability to nurture based on her gender and the nature of giving birth remains a challenge for fathers to overcome in child custody matters.

Collaborating with @alsaumofficial for Series 7, Episode 31 of Gavelcast entitled “Discrimination Against Men in Custody Battles”, with our guest speaker, Dr Sridevi Thambapillay, Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Law at UM.

Series 7 Episode 32
“Lack of women in leadership roles in Malaysia

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

In the era of globalisation, are women still given less attention in the country’s political arena, government administration and leadership roles? Gender Specialist Associate Professor Dr Jamaluddin Aziz said although some important positions in Malaysia are now filled by women, there are still gaps in statistics and perceptions by Malaysians on women’s involvement in certain fields.

For this upcoming Episode, we are excited to collaborate with ALSA IIUM and our guest speaker, Nurul Izzah Anwar, MP of Permatang Pauh for Series 7, Episode 32 of Gavelcast entitled “Lack of women in leadership roles in Malaysia”.

Series 7 Episode 33
Abortion in Malaysia, Legal or Illegal?

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Have you ever thought what does the term Pro-Life or Pro-Choice means? Or at what stage of the pregnancy abortion should be legally allowed in Malaysia? Under what circumstances abortion is allowed? What is the current standing for abortion-rights movement in Malaysia? Look no further, we’ll be discussing all of those in our upcoming Gavelcast!

Collaborating with ALSA UKM for Series 7, Episode 33 of Gavelcast entitled “Abortion in Malaysia, Legal or Illegal?”, with our guest speaker, Dr Subatra Jayaraj, president of the Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia.

Series 7 Episode 34
Gender Equality: Equalizing Career Opportunities

Greetings from ALSA Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Today, we part from that topic to discuss ‘Gender Equality: Equalizing Career Opportunities’ on Series 7, Episode 34 of Gavelcast. We have invited speaker: Puan Izza Izelan, Vice President of WOMEN.