AMM Application Form


  • 12th October 2020 – 23rd October 2020
    Only 10 spots available!

Personal Information


Preferred Mentorship Areas

  • Note: This section is compulsory to complete and no repeated choices are allowed. Also, “mentorship area” is referring to the mentor’s expertise or professional background.


  • Note: All attachments are compulsory

Agreement Clause

  • 1. Applicants declare that all the information submitted is true and consent for their personal details to be shared with the organising committee & potential mentors.
    2. Applicants understand that applying for the ALSA Malaysia Mentorship Programme: Pilot Project (AMM) does not necessarily guarantee participation if they do not fulfil the application prerequisites.
    3. Applicants must go through a proper application process which includes the submission of a complete application form along with all the compulsory attachments as specified before the given deadline.
    The compulsory attachments are as follows:
    • Resume
    • Personal Statement
    • Self-Recorded Videos

    4. Selected applicants must give full commitment to the ALSA Malaysia Mentorship Programme: Pilot Project (AMM).
    5. Selected participants agree to be matched with mentors who are outside of their preferred mentorship areas if their top 3 choices are unavailable.
    6. In the event that a selected mentee wishes to withdraw from the mentorship programme, they must inform the organisers at least 1-week prior to the commencement of the mentorship period on the 2nd of November 2020 with proper reasoning via our official medium of communication.