AMOC-IVID is an online video conference which is an academic activity for law students to exchange views on current legal issues. AMOC stands for ALSA Malaysia Online Conference (AMOC) and is a national online conference participated by Malaysian law students whereas IVID stands for International Video Conference and it is participated by law schools at international level. This activity brings student networking and exchange of knowledge to an international level aside from at a national level.

Past Recorded Sessions

amoc ivid with prof madya shamrahayu

In collaboration with ALSA UNISZA and ALSA USIM, we start off our ALSA Malaysia Online Conference (AMOC) with the topic, “Federal Constitution And Political Will”.

We are joined by the esteemed Professor Madya Dr. Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz, a well-known academician with great insights on the current affairs of our nation.

amoc ivid law a hindrance or a useful tool against covid 19

In collaboration with ALSA University of Malaya and ALSA Universitas Airlangga, our next series of International Video Conference (AMOC-IVID) will be on the topic of , “Law: A Hindrance or a Useful Tool in the War Against COVID-19?”.

We are joined by the esteemed Professor Dr Jomo Kwame Sundaram, a prominent and accomplished Malaysian economist with great insights on the political economy development of the world!