does our malaysian constitution protect the civil rights of the lgbtq community?

Does our Malaysian Constitution protect the civil-rights of the LGBTQ community?

The LGBTQ community has always claimed that they are victims of bigotry, abuse and stigmatization. The basis for the support for LGBTQ has always been on rights and equality while the arguments against LGBTQ are usually based on religious teaching and human nature. Here, the author examines the civil rights of the LGBTQ community protected under the Malaysian Constitution. The author finds that criminalizing private consensual sex between competent adults is violative of the right to privacy, dignity, and freedom of expression. Also, it is the author’s view that same-sex couples have a fundamental right to marry and there shall be no pressure on anyone to disguise, subvert or deny their sexual orientation or gender identity. LGBTQ group should not be deprived of their constitutional rights simply because they do not adhere to the majority way of life.

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