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legal webinar ep 1

Episode 1
The Digital World and What It Holds

Joining us on this joyous occasion is Mr. Jean F. Quéralt, the Founder and CEO of The IO Foundation (TIOF)! With TIOF being an official Partner of ALSA Malaysia, we are enthusiastic to have this speaker on board with us!

legal webinar ep 2

Episode 2
What Can You Do With a Law Degree?

Joining us for Episode Two is the esteemed Eddie Law, Founder of eLawyer! This episode is especially aimed for law students who are still unsure of where their path is heading.

Episode 3
Key Principles of Malaysian Tax Law

Joining us on Episode Three of Legal Webinar with ALSA Malaysia is the esteemed S. Saravana Kumar, Partner in Rosli Dahlan Saravana Partnership!

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