The Team

ALSA Malaysia Organisation Chart National Board

ALSA Malaysia National Board


Anthony Christopher Crimson

Anthony Christopher Crimson


david lee chee hou

David Lee Chee Hou


skylar yeo

Skylar Yeo


irdina azira edzlyzam

Irdina Azira Edzlyzam

Director Of Strategic Management
megan choong jieh yue

Megan Choong Jieh Yue

Director Of External Affairs & Development

ong hui heng

Ong Hui Heng

Director of Human Capital

nur aiman binti sharizal

Nur Aiman Binti Sharizal

Director Of Transcript & Communication

The Department of Academic Activities shall organises academic based projects and events for ALSA Malaysia members; supervises and standardizes the conduct of AA Department for all Local Chapters; advises and assists AA Local Chapters with matters under the purview of AA ALSA Malaysia and any events thereof; and acts as the Project Director/Supervisor for the events and initiatives executed by ALSA Malaysia under AA department;

wafaa azreen mohd

Nur Wafaa Azreen Binti Mohd

Vice President Of Academic & Activities

Muhammad Nurluqman bin Dzulaidin Tasrin

Muhammad Nurluqman Bin Dzulaidin Tasrin

Director of Legal Advocacy Competition
Buvanesh a/p ramesh

Buvanesh A/P Ramesh

Director Of Academic Publications Officer

Syafiqah Fasiha Binti Ahmad safri

Syafiqah Fasiha Binti Ahmad Safri

Director Of Academic Outreach

The Department of Public Relations and Marketing manages the branding of ALSA Malaysia, which includes branding guidelines and corporate image; plans, executes, and evaluates marketing campaigns for media engagement, which include but are not limited to using social media calendar; manages the social media pages of ALSA Malaysia, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram; develops marketing plans to ensure target market outreaches are achieved, and KPIs for outreach.

Nur Khairunnisa Binti Muzamir Shah

Nur Khairunnisa Binti Muzamir Shah

Vice President Of Public Relations & Marketing
Siti Nurhajar Binti Mohd Mani

Siti Nurhajar Binti Mohd Mani

Director Of Media Content

Yap Mei Xin

Yap Mei Xin

Director Of Event Media
Nadia Khairina Binti Rashdan

Nadia Khairina Binti Rashdan

Director Of Digital Communication & Branding
Tan Yng Yiin

Tan Yng Yiin

Director Of Sponsorship & Marketing

Alif Mustaqim bin Shukri

Alif Mustaqim Bin Shukri

Director Of Information Technology

The Department of Training, Exchange and Development, among others, organises events in line with TED department purposes; expose ALSA Malaysia members to various training opportunities; organises and executes programs that prepare ALSA Malaysia members for professional careers.

Sim Zi Ying

Sim Zi Ying

Vice President Of Training, Exchange & Development
aiman zarith bin zaharullail

Aiman Zarith Bin Zaharullail

Director Of Organisational Training & Development

Siti Nurul Adillah Binti Mohd Zaki

Siti Nurul Adillah Binti Mohd Zaki

Director Of Outreach & Training