What We Do


ALSA International Mediation Competition

ALSA Malaysia hosts the first pioneer ALSA International Meditation Competition by collaborating with ALSA International as a means to promote, incite and disseminate the use of mediation among younger generations of professionals with a mind-set of resolving disputes effectively.


ALSA Malaysia Online Conference / International Video Conference

AMOC-IVID is an online video conference which is an academic activity for law students to exchange views on current legal issues.


ALSA Malaysia Legal Webinar

ALSA Malaysia Legal Webinar is a series of legal discourses with renowned figures in the legal fraternity.


ALSA Malaysia Legal Podcast

ALSA Malaysia Legal Podcast  discusses various legal topics in a digital setting that is more accessible to the public at large. It consist of interviews, co-host discussions, and stories from notable guests.


ALSA Malaysia Law Review Competition

The competition seeks to provide a platform for Malaysian law students to improve their research and writing skills by engaging with current legal issues in Malaysia. 


Coffee With ALSA Malaysia

Coffee with ALSA Malaysia is a series of sessions seeking to connect law students with prominent legal figures in an informal setting, to discuss important issues in the legal sphere.


ALSA Malaysia Mentorship Programme

 The primary objective of this new initiative is to provide a conducive platform for networking and development in both the student’s professional and personal aspects.


ALSA Malaysia Training Workshop

ALSA Malaysia is working together with ALSA UiTM, ALSA IIUM and ALSA USIM to organize an exclusive virtual training session called ALSA Malaysia Training Workshop (AMTW).


ALSA Malaysia Officer Programme

ALSA Malaysia Officer Programme is a two-month training programme designed to provide an opportunity and exposure for the interested applicant as an Officer into the operations of ALSA Malaysia.


ALSA Malaysia Magazine

Read insightful articles varying from current issues on human rights, advices from our peers to navigate law school and partake in mini games provided by our editors!